About Us

The word Kast derives from broadcast. Its main objective is to make internal corporate communication organic, faster, more engaging, and more secure than ever before. As we all know, it’s challenging to create a communication flow that is both simple and clear. Tools like email and internal chat aren't able to do this as they have low engagement and are limited to fulfill the needs of mass communication. Kast accomplishes this by giving a voice to all while reducing physical and hierarchical distances.

Our Passion.

Innovation is in our DNA. And we love it. Our mission is to revolutionize the way employees and companies communicate, collaborate and exchange information securely. To help us reach this goal and solve a global challenge, we've been developing our Kast app. Sales, Marketing, Product, HR and many other teams need to communicate faster, increase productivity and accelerate decisions. That's why we created Kast, a mobile video messaging app for teams.

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Technology Partnership.

We understand that security and trust are essential to our users. That's why we choose to work with the best. To start, we brought in MIT and Harvard to help us create something unique. During product development, we chose Microsoft Azure and Akamai CDN to support our app. Now we have an innovative, trustworthy product that's ready to revolutionize team collaboration. See below to see some of our supplier certifications:

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